It was in the year 1971, Under the counsel of Pastor Jean Ornan Laurore and Rev. Wilner Rejouis, a group of Pentecostal Pastors founded an Organization bearing the French name: IMMITATEURS DE JESUS-CHRIST which means JESUS IMMITATORS. In the year 1975, the group left Brooklyn, NY where it was originated to move to New-Jersey. Then, the group changed immediately to a church called “Pentecostal Church of God”. The two courageous leaders and founders of the group, in occurrence, Rev.  Jean Ornan Laurore and Rev. Wilner Rejouis sensed a call of God to go down in Miami, Florida to continue the ministry and changed the name once again to “Mount Olives Church of God”. By the end of the year 1979 to open 1980, As they left to expand God’s work in a new State, they were replaced by Rev. Charles Rejouis who courageously carried the load to hold fast the church left behind.

It was all the way on June 3rd, 1985 that a meeting of all the Leaders and Pastors came to the table to analyze the many progresses made by our Pastors and leaders with the first two (2) churches planted, that we came to the agreement to create a new Mission that we all know today under the name of “Mission Mount Olives Church of God.”The church was marching on,  Rev. Charles Rejouis took on big responsibilities and challenged the 50 baptized members to work hard to impact the community with Evangelization, non-stop Christian activities, solid biblical teachings and faithful services which will result to a church of over 1500 members. That is why this is our Headquarter church located at 24 Cleveland Street in New-Jersey.

By the grace and mercy of God, the group Missionary Men of the Church of God from the Mother Church in Orange, New-Jersey went down to Haiti in 1986 to plant a new church in Gazanges, Artibonite, North of Haiti. A year later in 1987, they went back to plant another one in Chin Contant, LaGonave. And they kept coming down and planting churches. Today, we are fully in operation with over 16 churches in the USA and  with a little over 40 churches in HAITI and a number of Elementary Schools in almost every major towns of the country. We have established 6 different DISTRICTS which will grow more and more in the near future. We just start working in Canada and in the Dominican Republic.

All the glory be to God who has been so faithful to keep his work going and growing to bring more souls to his Kingdom. We did good to stand on the word of God in Phillipians 4:13, believing that: “We can do all things through Christ who give us Strenght.”