Why becoming a member?
Being already a member of the body of Christ (the Universal Church) the question comes to why becoming a member of a Denomination, a Church or a Christian group? Since there is specific explanation to it, you must then understand that:
Becoming a member means that:

 You understand the importance of the local church in the plan of God.(tit 1:5, Act 15:41)
 I identify myself to the body of Christ connected to the body of the local church in a specific place. (1 Corint. 1:27)
 I belong to an assembly with responsibilities to edify each other and grow together in the Lord. (1 peter 2:5)
 I give myself to Christ and to his work in the church that I have chosen. (Ephesians 4:12-13)
 I am engaging myself to support the church and the ministry by my presence and my participation in prayers. (Heb 10:25, 1 Cor 12:7, Ephes 6:18)
 I understand that I must submit to authorities elevated before me to protect my spiritual life. (Ephes 5:21, Heb 13:17)
 I accept the confession of faith of the mission and the structural form of the church that I choose.
 I want to participate at the decisions taken for the good of the church and therefore must assist to all the members meetings and activities (Eph 4:16)
 I will give my tithes and contribute my offering to the church. Mal 3:10

If you are a believer and you are baptized and you know that you are in agreement with our rules and disciplines.
You are invited to become a member!We are so glad that you choose to file our online application to check your qualifications for a Pastoral position with our Mission. This same application can also be filed if you wish to be licensed by us, affiliate with us, affiliate your church with us, start a new church. Please give us up to 15 days to review the application and to get back to you for an interview. If in 15 days or less you do not hear from us, Please call us directly at one of our phone numbers at the bottom of this page. Thank you for applying with us.

Either you will work with us as Missionary, as a Pastor or Evangelist, or simply if God calls you to join us for a very specific work, here are the list of the things that we commit ourselves to do as part of our mandate from the Lord Jesus-Christ: Wherever we are and whatever we do, our focus should be of these working areas.

1. Preaching
2. Teaching Theology – Leadership seminary
3. Training of all kinds (Special sessions to different groups)
4. Preventions Building (HIV, Teen pregnancy, drugs, etc)
5. Equipping Lay-Leaders (making new disciples, church Planting)
6. Clothing the poor (Sending clothes from the USA to the needy group anywhere)
7. Feeding the hungry ( Always doing that in Haiti specially)
8. Repairing homes (Helping affected families with their homes)
9. Sending children to schools ( Many parents in Haiti specially cannot send their kids to school)
10. Counseling families in difficulties (fighting divorce and poverty, family division and hardships)
11. Planting Churches (or we will just partner with other churches to expand the word of God)
12. Observe the state of health of people in the mountains of Haiti.(Medical clinic to help women and children specially)

So, please sign up today to work together with us as we are looking to partner with other groups to do the work of the King.