Dear Friend in Christ,

Welcome to the official website of the Mission Mount Olives Church of God. We are so excited that you are visiting us. We are a group of loving people just like you who gather together to pursue a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. We stand in the power of God to bring forth his word to all nations as mandated by our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ before his Ascension. We endeavor to work with our churches, our Christian friends, groups, Denominations and individuals to do just that. We want your experience here among us at Mount Olives to be a great one that you will remember, and that all of us will cherish.

As President of the Denomination, It gives me great pleasure to invite you to take your time to browse our website and figure all that we are about, what we do, where we are operating and what you can do to encourage us in this great work of God. Understanding the kind of work that is involved, you can automatically see that prayer is essential to be victorious, and the financial means to face the responsibilities ahead of us is highly important. Therefore, we rely on God’s providence and your generous support and contribution to carry out the mandate of our Lord Jesus-Christ. (Matt. 28:19-20). It would also be a blessing to get acquainted with you or to your church, as we are looking to partner with many friends all around the world. It is my prayer that you will find a great deal of interests in our spiritual movement and agree to come and work together with us taking the Good News to all nations to bring back our King. (Matt. 24:14)

I sincerely look forward working with you in the near future.


Rev. Jean Smith Soiro