The Mission Mount Olives Church of God is also looking for a Director that will lead the WOMEN MINISTRIES of our Denomination. We will wait to get all the applications in before we can make a selection. We are looking to nominate someone who know the word of God and is a Team player. We would also prefer a member of one of our Mount Olives church of God.  Our Executive board will take time to examine each candidate and make the best selection possible once all the applications are in. Therefore, if you are a member of one of our Mount Olives Churches across the States and would like to serve in that capacity, please fill the form JOIN US by sending your Resume for review. Ortherwise, you can submit your application with your Resume by or email by clicking on the appropriate icon below. We will get with you for interview and let you know of our final decision. A part of the job description of this person is under our Link MINISTRIES with the list of all our volunteering positions with the Mission. Please let us know that you can be of service and that you are ready and available to serve God and advance his kingdom.

Thank you so much for applying to do volunteer works of ministry with MISSION MOUNT OLIVES CHURCH OF GOD.